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Bethmont and Bethesda Land LLC

Location Bethesda, Maryland

Design Collective has been commissioned to design Bethesda’s tallest skyline defining high-rise, whose programming, scale, and aesthetics bring iconic prominence to downtown Bethesda’s urban environment.

7820’s vision embraces ecology, equity, and economy promoting nature-centric car-free urban living.  

The design capitalizes on biophilic principles enhancing residents’ wellness and continuous connectivity to nature.  Per Bethesda’s Downtown Sector Plan and Design Guidelines calling for a new civic green on the block, the design team is working with the Montgomery Co. Parks and Planning Depts. to holistically integrate the new public green, creating a recreation and commercial hub between Bethesda’s Metro an BRT stations.  Park landscape seamlessly ascends communal and private terraces, climbing the building’s central spine to rooftop rainwater collection.  Oversized balconies span entire unit widths fostering true indoor-outdoor living.  Massing and skin design are guided by Passive House Institute standards, with 2.5% on-site solar energy generation, extensive green roofs treating 100% of on-site SWM quantity and quality, and on-site retention irrigating both the building and park landscape.

Working with the County’s Design Guidelines and Design Advisory Panel review process, the project is slated to achieve 10 Exceptional Design Public Benefits Points due to the ambitious socially inclusive target of 25% Moderately Priced Dwelling Units, providing the county with greater social equity through critically needed reduced urban housing costs.  Design Points are achieved through maximizing energy efficiency, response to context, landmark design features, public realm enhancements, and compact footprint infill-site characteristics.  The widened and newly landscaped streetscape and park-front are lined with continuous commercial/restaurant tenants to actively engage the public realm and the park’s programming, rendering it the new social center for downtown Bethesda.

Project Details

Square Footage 384,000
Height 31 Story
Units 430
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