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The Hanover Company

Location Baltimore, Maryland

At Domain Brewers Hill Design Collective provided 128 units/acre on a steeply sloping site in East Baltimore's Brewers Hill Historic District. With 274 parking spaces in a two-story underground concrete garage, the 180 stick-framed apartments ring two landscaped courtyards. We were able to take advantage of the sloping site and an aggressive interpretation of IBC's ‘basement' classification to build 5-stories of construction at the ‘downhill' end of the site – yielding an additional four units at street level with highly desirable private terraces and street access. These units were built ‘in the concrete podium' with non-combustible steel stud construction and full NFPA 13 sprinkler systems.

In addition, we collaborated in the implementation of a prefabricated lumber wall system that took two months off an anticipated 18-month construction schedule in traditional wood frame construction. Since our client was also the general contractor, this 11% reduction in general conditions equated to significant cost savings. Wall panels of up to 12' lengths were fabricated at an off-site shop, transported on flatbed trucks, and immediately lifted and erected into place. This process also significantly reduced the need for lay-down space on a very small site, adding to the project's construction efficiency.


Project Details

Height 5 Story
Units 180
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