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Towson University

Location Towson, MD

Partners WTW Architects

Design Collective was recently awarded the $84 million renovation and expansion of Towson University’s Student Union, in partnership with WTW Architects. The existing Union has served the University for 45 years and is not only showing its age, but is considerably undersized for an institution with a projected enrollment of more than 22,000 students.

The design team is focused on creating an open, student-centric facility that enhances first impressions and improves building wayfinding, with flexible spaces that address the University’s current and future needs. Central to this goal is creating a multi-story space that anchors the daily user experience, enabling students, faculty, visitors and alumni to better understand the spectrum of services and programs housed within the facility. The addition proposed by the team will span over the existing loading dock to provide a new plaza in its place, serving as an organizing element along Towson Way and a “front door” to the campus. When completed, this facility will include a 13,000 SF ballroom, a 300-seat auditorium for movie screenings, various improvements to the food service and dining areas, as well as an extension of the dining experience into the plaza.

The comprehensive renovation of approximately 162,000 GSF and addition of 80,000 GSF will be accomplished in four phases, using the Construction Manager-at- Risk delivery method and will pursue USGBC LEED Silver certification.


Project Details

Project Cost $82,600,000
Square Footage 254,954
Height 3 Story
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