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University of Maryland, College Park

Location College Park, Maryland

A new $20 million teaching and research facility

Design Collective was engaged to design a new $20 million teaching and research facility as a replacement for Wing 3 of the existing chemistry complex. The program includes the demolition of the old wing and consolidation of laboratories from current obsolete facilities.

The four-story wing includes eight teaching labs, 20 research labs, support facilities and offices that occupy 67,000 GSF. There are a total of 150 fume hoods. As part of the planning process, an atrium, courtyard and cloister concept have been designed to unify the Chemistry Complex. Additionally, a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (4,124 NASF/7,400 GSF) was constructed off-site. An 8,500 GSF Satellite Central Utility Building (SCUB) has been constructed immediately adjacent to the Chemistry Complex to provide utilities for the Chemistry Teaching Building and three other campus buildings.

Project Details

Project Cost $20,000,000
Square Footage 67,000
Height 4 Story
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