By  Carley Milligan
Published  Oct 4, 2021
Featured in  Baltimore Business Journal
Baltimore Business Journal

After more than 50 years in the heart of downtown Baltimore, law firm Gordon Feinblatt LLC has relocated to a new office in nearby Harbor East.

The new space is smaller than the previous one, however, it has been designed to optimize collaboration, something that was important to the firm when looking for a headquarters. The company also decided early in the process to decorate the office solely with works featuring Baltimore and Maryland artists that “reflect the diversity of our local art community.”

Gordon Feinblatt announced its intent to move in November and since April has slowly reopened its office to employees. September marked the official return for employees, though on a flexible schedule.

What makes the office “cool”?

We have shared “hotel offices” for attorneys who have opted to work remotely so that when they come into the office, they have a designated space. We purposefully planned for these hotel offices pre-Covid.

We also have an area we’ve affectionately named Gopher Grinds. It’s a cafe area for everyone to take a break, grab some complimentary great brew (yes, we can even brew our own cafe mocha and lattes), access complimentary sparkling and still flavored waters, soda and ice, purchase snacks from our own marketplace, watch TV (we loved catching up on the Olympics) and spread out with great views of the east side of Baltimore. The cafe includes seating options that are truly cafe-inspired with booth seating, sofas, high-tops and traditional tables and chairs.

How did you end up selecting the art pieces for the office? Do you have a favorite?

Working with the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, the firm identified the works of local artists, all with various backgrounds and experiences, to celebrate the region’s rich cultural diversity.

It’s hard to choose just one! They all look like they were made for our space, although there were only two pieces made specifically for us. The firm commissioned glass artisan Anthony Corradetti to create glass pendant lights in teal for Gopher Grinds and a hand-blown glass plate collection in our reception area. They are stunning!

What colors and styles are used in the design?

We opted to select a black and white backdrop that included our signature Gordon Feinblatt teal as well as other colors from our branding palette to make the space feel more authentic to us.

What types of workstations and offices does the space have? 

We have a combination of office types, including hotel offices, huddle rooms, focus rooms and traditional conference rooms. Some of the offices are shared in areas where collaboration was key, but everyone has their own designated space. Every legal assistant has their own cubicle. Design began pre-Covid and we knew we wanted to be forward-thinking and provide options knowing hybrid situations were a trend for the future.

What were the guiding principles behind designing the new space?

The firm was committed to staying true and authentic to who we are as a company. That goal was achieved with a nod toward our storied history — inclusion of a company timeline, conference rooms named after important people in the firm’s history, architectural elements like marble and wood millwork inspired by the Garrett Building — while balancing the demands of an ever-changing workspace that is technologically-driven, future-focused and most importantly, practical.

We were very intentional in thinking through what our clients’ experience would be. We even included a business center in the conference/reception area for clients to be able to step away without needing to clear a board room. Our firm truly values and appreciates our clients and so many decisions, particularly the space layout, were made with that in mind.


  • Address: 1001 Fleet St., Baltimore
  • Office size: About 35,000 square feet across two floors
  • Office designer: Design Collective
  • General contractor: Constantine Construction
  • Management company: Harbor East Management
  • Top local executive: Barry F. Rosen, Chairman & CEO
  • Employees: 120


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