Design Collective Volunteers With Neighborhood Design Center To Benefit Unified Efforts

Published Dec 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2015

Baltimore, MD - Several Design Collective employees recently volunteered their services to assist the Neighborhood Design Center in providing conceptual plans and other documentation for the design of the Unified Efforts center. Unified Efforts is an anti-bullying organization founded in 2012 by former police detective, Debbie Ramsey. Her vision for the youth center was to create an environment that exposes inner city youth (K-12) to various activities and professions to broaden their experiences to a variety of living perspectives and enlightening a career path, while promoting self-esteem and building a sense of community. Unified Efforts recently purchased an existing rowhouse located in the Penn-North neighborhood. The current program for the renovated four-story structure (approximately 3,000 SF) includes a reception area, lounge/café, multi-purpose room, performance space, audiovisual production facilities, a computer lab, warming kitchen, administrative offices, library and meeting space. The documentation developed by Design Collective will be utilized in Unified Efforts' ongoing fundraising and community outreach efforts. To donate to this great cause, please click here.

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