Published  Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016

Adam Bednar

Construction on the new $10 million Hammerjacks in Baltimore is set to begin this fall.

In a news release Morgan-Keller-Construction announced that preparation work is ongoing at the site and that full construction will begin in the autumn. The initial timeline had the club opening by the end of this year. But now the grand opening is expected to happen next year.

The new iteration of Hammerjacks is planned for the former Paradox nightclub on Russel Street across from M&T Bank Stadium. Plans for the project, which is being pursued by Kevin Butler, president and CEO of Hammerjacks Entertainment Group, and partners Jerry Malamut and Andy Hotchkiss, calls for the partial demolition of the existing building in order to provide space for a two-story venue.

There will be a 24,000-square-foot renovation of the existing club and a 29,000-square-foot addition for the concert venue, which will have a capacity of 2,500 people.

The new venue is reviving the brand of the former Hammerjacks, which was underneath an overpass of Interstate 395. The iconic club hosted national acts, but the owners sold the business to make room for parking at the stadium. Another iteration of the club opened on Guilford Avenue but didn’t last.


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