Published  Mar 11, 2015
Mar 11, 2015

By: Kevin Litten

Hanover Co. on Wednesday unveiled plans for a 293-unit apartment complex that will become the first building constructed at the $250 million Stadium Square project in South Baltimore.

Hanover officials presented designs to the Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel for a 293-unit residential building that will include two first-floor retail spaces spanning 14,200 square feet. The project will include an interior courtyard and pool as well as a parking garage with about 450 parking spaces. (You can view a crude image of the rendering above. It was photographed from a projection during the UDARP presentation. Check back later for a better version of the image.)

It was the first look UDARP had of what's eventually planned as a three-block project in Sharp-Leadenhall being developed by Caves Valley Partners. The Towson-based development firm is planning to sell the land for the apartment building to Hanover Co. for a price that both companies have declined to disclose.

For a first-look architecture hearing, UDARP panelists were receptive to the initial designs for the project. Panelists said the architect, Design Collective, did a good job of balancing the historic nature of the area and introducing a building that has modern accents.

Even so, panelist expressed concern that the building will look out of scale with the surrounding low-rise neighborhood. Panelist Judity Meany acknowledged that the overall development plan will eventually make the apartment building look more consistent with the future office buildings that will likely span as much as 300,000 square feet, but said the heavy use of glass still gives the building a massive feel.

Panelists also said the architecture team should do more to acknowledge the close proximity of the building to Solo Gibbs Park. The project's northwest corner is across Leadenhall Street from the proposed building.


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