In the News...Stadium Square apartment project developers to spruce up Sharp-Leadenhall

Published May 29, 2015
May 29, 2015

By: Jenn Ladd

The Hanover Co. will expand sidewalk corners and add more greenery on Race Street as part of its development plans for the Stadium Square project in South Baltimore.

The Houston, Texas-based developer is also in talks with the city's Department of Transportation to widen sidewalks around its 295-unit apartment project in the Sharp-Leadenhall neighborhood.

The apartment complex, between Race and Leadenhall streets and Cross and West streets, will be the first building constructed in the three-block Stadium Square project that Caves Valley Partners announced last year. The project, named Hanover Cross Street, includes a 480-space parking garage and 8,000 square feet of retail. Architects from Design Collective presented plans for the project to the city's Urban Design and Architectural Review Panel on Thursday.

The Hanover Co. will expand the sidewalk corners at the northeast and southeast corners of Race Street to accommodate pedestrian traffic on Cross Street. The company also worked with BGE to either pay to relocate or discharge a gas line underneath Race Street in order to plant trees along the block.

Architects and the developer said during the presentation that they have met with the city's Department of Transportation about expanding the sidewalks — and narrowing streets — around the project. Though the change has not been approved yet, it would expand the sidewalk by two or three feet, Design Collective Principal Matthew D'Amico said. The city is considering the turning radius for buses on the streets surrounding the project. The developer would not expand the size of the building if it is allowed the additional sidewalk space.

Panelist David A. Rubin thanked the developer for what he called "an extraordinary gesture of goodwill in improving the common area." Despite Rubin's gratitude, the panel did not give the project final approval, expressing concern about the scale of the project's garage entrance and stairways.

Work on the project is likely to start early next year. A representative for the Hanover Co. declined to comment or disclose the price of the project.

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