By  Carroll County Observer
Published  May 26, 2023

The following information was shared with the Carroll County Observer:

Please see below for a news release regarding a three-day public design charrette in Mount Airy, which drew more than 150 area residents and concluded Tuesday night. The charrette was hosted by Pleasants Development and was intended to gather public input into the company’s plans to develop a 91-acre property in Mount Airy into a mixed-use neighborhood.

Press Release:

Pleasants Development Holds Public Charrette in Mount Airy

Over 150 area residents attended the 3-day event, offering input into proposed mixed-use development

Pleasants Development recently hosted a three-day public charrette in Mount Airy, with more than 150 area residents offering their input on the company’s plans to develop a 91-acre tract of land into a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood.

A charrette is a multi-day intensive design process that includes consecutive sessions of public feedback.

The charrette sessions were held over the course of three days – May 20, 22 and 23 – at the American Legion Gold Star Post 191 in Mount Airy. At the conclusion of the event, the developer previewed potential options for revising its plans for the property, in response to the community’s feedback – including shifting a large portion of the development to senior housing, preserving more open space and lowering overall density, among others.

“We believe openness, transparency and collaboration are the keys to developing a project that truly reflects the community,” said Pleasants Development Vice President Clark Wagner. “It is our sincere hope that all voices within the Mount Airy community are heard throughout this process – from town leaders to homeowners and taxpayers to seniors and business owners. Everyone’s voice matters, and they can help to make our development stronger.”

Pleasants Development has been gathering input over the last several months on its pre-concept sketch plan for the mixed-use development. The plan envisions a quaint neighborhood with stylish homes for families and seniors alike, boutique shops and dining options and over 20 acres of green space with walking & bicycling trails and recreational activities.

The development would create a welcoming gateway to Mount Airy’s downtown with a new, convenient extension of Center Street to Route 27 and a second access from the Twin Arch Business Park area to Route 27.

“We want to give a much-needed boost to local businesses and make Mount Airy a thriving, vibrant community for generations to come,” Wagner said. “But we also believe Mount Airy should grow thoughtfully and responsibly. That’s why each phase of our development will be meticulously designed as a walkable, traditional, small-town neighborhood and built over a roughly 10-year period.

“We are grateful to the Town of Mount Airy and its residents for their interest and their ideas throughout this process. Together, we believe we can design and build a neighborhood that will help Mount Airy grow while also retaining its small-town feel.”

Pleasants Development will revise its plans in response to feedback it received from community members during the charrette and from continuing conversations with stakeholders. Revised plans are expected to be completed and submitted to the Town of Mount Airy next month.

Mount Airy Councilwoman Lynne Galletti offers her thoughts on the initial pre-concept sketch plan for a mixed-use development to Pleasants Development Vice President Clark Wagner on Day 1 of the three-day charrette.

Mount Airy residents discuss their thoughts on the initial pre-concept sketch plan for a mixed-use development during the roundtable portion of Day 2 of the three-day charrette.

Mount Airy Council President Tim Washabaugh reports out the feedback from his group’s discussion during the roundtable portion of Day 2 of the three-day charrette. 

Pleasants Development Senior Vice President Jerry Connelly discusses proposed changes to the mixed-use development with Mount Airy residents on Day 3, following feedback received during the charrette.

Cecily Bedwell, principal with Design Collective, presents the feedback received from the community during the three-day charrette hosted by Pleasants Development.


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