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Coppin State University

Location Baltimore, Maryland

A series of interactive workshops with university, city, and neighborhood stakeholders enabled support for consensus-driven strategies to campus and neighborhood revitalization.

Design Collective prepared a comprehensive master plan for Coppin State University and 17 surrounding neighborhoods, totaling over 1,000 acres. Design Collective led a team of civil, environmental, transportation, traffic, market, economic, real estate development, and policy consultants in mapping area and campus-wide conditions, assets, and opportunities. Evaluation of these contextual considerations enabled definition of specific physical, development, transportation, acquisition, policy, social, and political implementation strategies necessary to realize defined goals and objectives.

A series of workshops with university, city, and neighborhood stakeholders enabled support for consensus-built strategies, including:

1. Identification of a deteriorating neighborhood area south of the campus for acquisition and expansion of approximately 1 million sf of new academic, laboratory, and research facilities organized around a new quadrangle;

2. Improved pedestrian, vehicular, and public transit connections, including new pedestrian bridges, across North Avenue to improve connectivity and safety;

3. Revitalization of North Avenue, the campus’ “front door;” and;

4. Creation of a new Urban Renewal Ordinance to facilitate redevelopment.


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Acreage 1,250.0
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