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Harford County, Maryland

Location Edgewood, Maryland

Design Collective was engaged by Harford County Department of Economic Development to prepare a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Study for the Edgewood Area to assess the feasibility of denser, commercial and residential development around the Edgewood MARC Train Station to address the TOD goals and benefits identified in previous studies, including the 2015 Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) and the 2017 Edgewood Small Area Plan. 

The goals and benefits include attracting and retaining talented workforce; preventing encroachment of uses that may impair APG’s mission; protecting and preserving military readiness and defense capabilities; addressing the disparity of investment between APG South and Edgewood Village; enhancing quality of life by supporting the development of proximate and appropriate housing, amenities, and uses; maximizing the use of existing transportation infrastructure; and, improving the transportation system through cost-effective means and by enhancing multi-modal choices.

In places where mixed use development investments have occurred within and proximate to transit stations, ridership grows, multi-modal options become more viable, and residents become less reliant on cars or long trips for everyday activities. Such an vibrant, diverse, walkable environment is precisely what is envisioned for the Edgewood Area TOD.

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