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Gallaudet University

Location Washington, DC

Design Collective was shortlisted among four well-qualified design-build teams to participate in an exciting design competition for the design of the new Living and Learning Residence Hall (LLRH6).

Under Gallaudet's leadership and innovative approach, our team met with stakeholder groups over three work sessions to learn about deaf culture, explore the possibilities, solicit and incorporate feedback into a cohesive and consensus-driven design solution.

In response, the program and design concept proposed by the Whiting-Turner / Design Collective Team made specific recommendations for creating a place that is uniquely tailored for the Deaf way-of-being where students can feel a sense of comfort, community and belonging among friends. Our team strived diligently to maximize the efficiency of the building with a 176 beds in a 66,800 SF building – carefully balancing revenue and non-revenue spaces – to create a holistic community that integrates academic and experience-based personal growth development. More importantly, the ensuing concept embodies Deaf Space and Universal Design Guidelines for an unprecedented residence hall that is rooted in the fundamental essence of deaf culture.

Our design offers the comfort and feeling of home in a sustainable community environment that actively cultivates a culture of personal growth, exploration and responsibility. To that end, we have provided flexible resources and visible spaces where students, faculty and staff can actively interact and collaborate in stimulating dialogue to reinforce and realize Gallaudet’s Learning Outcomes.

Project Details

Project Cost $15,800,000
Beds 176
Square Footage 66,881
Height 5 Story
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