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The City of Chapel Hill engaged a planning consultant to prepare a master plan for Glen Lennox, an existing 70-acre, low density, rental housing property.  The land owner, Grubb Properties, agreed to the public planning process but, following the City’s planning effort, engaged Design Collective to revise the master plan. The new master plan respects the City’s and public’s goals and objectives, and is supported by the city, but was refined to be more feasible regarding market, economics, block sizes, building types and footprints, parking, retail, and phasing.


The Glen Lennox master plan includes a grocery store, retail and restaurants, hotel, office buildings, mid-rise rental housing, and the greatest mix of uses and densities closest to NC 54 (Raleigh Road). Lower density housing, including the preservation of existing historic residential buildings and new single-family homes and townhouses provide an appropriate transition to existing neighborhoods. The master plan includes several parks, greens, and a new greenway and shared use path, prescribes street typologies with a hierarchy of street sections, and preserves many of the existing street alignments and street trees.


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Acreage 70.0
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