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Location Baltimore, Maryland

Thrive Earlier Detection Corp is a cancer diagnostic venture improving the accuracy of liquid biopsy tests, with a major presence in Baltimore, MD. 

Design Collective has worked with Thrive in a two-phase project, in fitting-out over 18,000 sf of lab and office space at 1812 Ashland Ave; a building dedicated to laboratory and research purposes, located within the Johns Hopkins University Science + Technology Park. Thrive’s presence within the 88-acre Science + Technology Park is a strategic one, given the nature of their work and the use of a liquid biopsy test licensed by Johns Hopkins. The two-phase project, is composed of laboratory, office, and common spaces, focused on sample testing processes while providing a dynamic and attractive workplace for a growing staff. Two separate lab suites are arranged to optimize the company’s workflow through sample delivery, testing, and disposal, while open offices and common areas are strategically located throughout, making best use of the base building’s expansive glazing for an ideal interior environment.


Project Details

Project Cost $4,036,000
Square Footage 11,621
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