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University of Akron

Location Akron, OH

Design Collective was recently selected by the University of Akron to develop a comprehensive development strategy and housing master plan that will add 5 new mixed-use development buildings that include student housing, greek housing, athletic fields, retail and amenities, academic research and support facilities. This project was completed in 5 phases.

The plan was organized as a series of residential enclaves for various students from medium density undergraduate on campus owned land, high density mixed-use along the major commercial street where the campus meets the city and low density greek villages along the campus edge. Since the university did not want to own all the necessary land, the project was built in phases in order to acquire all necessary parcels for full build out.

A series of green spaces and pathways on both the north-south and east-west axis connect the overall project to the heart of the campus and the town. Architecturally, the projects are all linked with a similar palette of materials found in the new university guidelines.

Project Details

Project Cost $120,000,000
Beds 2,418
Square Footage 854,000
Height 6 Story


Student Housing


Architecture, Planning

Project Type

Campus Plan

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