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Location Baltimore, Maryland

AOL/Oath, having recently purchased Millennial Media, looked to create a consolidated, collaborative workplace integrating current AOL employees with those of Millennial Media. In order to do so, AOL relocated employees from offices around Canton to one consolidated facility at the American Can Company, in Canton Baltimore, of approximately 65,000 SF. The effort includes renewed branding throughout the lobby and conference spaces, densifying the existing workspace creating a more efficient layout and incorporating additional collaborative spaces such as meeting rooms, training rooms, focus spaces and open lounges. Beyond spacial modifications, the idea of keeping above the curve with technology and security was a priority for AOL/Oath, with each space both were carefully considered and integrated.  In addition to workplace modifications, the incorporation of supplemental amenities was a large part of the renovation effort. AOL/Oath desired to provide employees with areas to socialize, rest and recharge away from their work tasks. This included a fitness center with yoga and locker rooms and a TV & game lounge. As a second phase of the renovation, AOL/Oath leased a vacated restaurant  on campus deemed the “Field House” with the desire to turns it into a communal gathering space for sharing meals, all hands meetings or simply an escape from one’s desk. This two story space included a large pantry, flexible soft seating and dining tables and a mezzanine lounge. Each of these modification efforts were part of a phased, renovation in place planned for when capital becomes available and designed to maintain minimal disruption during the construction process.


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Square Footage 65,000
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