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Location Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) is a non-profit organization serving as the economic agency for Baltimore. As such it was paramount that BDC’s new space act as a stage to sell Baltimore to investors.

After touring and test-fitting several locations in the downtown business district, the BDC decided to move on up to the 21st and 20th floors in their current building. BDC and DCI were able to take advantage of stunning panoramic views, that ushered visitors into city from 21 floors up as part of the design and a selling tool. The move on up also allowed a very quiet and inclusive organization to take the walls down and move to an open office environment. The addition of huddle rooms, ample conference space, and a new multi-use café provided space for heads down collaboration, as well as a place to host press and key investors.

In addition to programming and design, the Design Collective team provided environmental graphics, material selection, and furniture specifications for the project. The project objective was to support The BDC’s effort in establishing a new archetype for an innovative workplace supporting Baltimore’s future economic growth.

Project Details

Project Cost $1,500,000
Square Footage 16,543
Height 2 Story
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