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College of William & Mary

Location Williamsburg, Virginia

The new NMR Facility for The College of William & Mary supports research and instructional activities, providing undergraduate and graduate students with unique educational opportunities in interdisciplinary science.

 The facility consists of an approximately 3,000 SF research laboratory space addition to the existing Small Hall/Physics Building specifically designed to accommodate two existing spectrometers (magnets) and one state of the art new high field, high resolution, super conducting, unshielded 750 mhz spectrometer. The project also includes approximately 1,000 SF of renovations within the existing Small Hall Building.

Amajority of the addition and renovation consists of space to house the magnets, with the remainder of space being equally dedicated to new research lab space, sample preparation/work area, data processing and technician/operator offices. Design of the addition is responsive to the College’s new Campus Guidelines, which outline a program for new construction to respect the context by using historic and traditional design elements and principles. Construction is a single story, slab on grade, wood framed structure enclosed with masonry and pre-cast concrete.

Project Details

Project Cost $1,800,000
Square Footage 4,500
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