Hilton Recreation Center

Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore

Location Baltimore, MD
Partners Torrey Smith Family Fund, Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore City Recs and Parks

Design collective has been proud to be working with Torrey Smith and his level 82 foundation for past few years in the hopes of redeveloping the Hilton Community Center.  The team has worked with the City and Recreation and Parks to restore the community building that has long served the neighborhood of tight knit families and friends for the past 100 years.

Torrey’s work has led to a unique partnership with in the Baltimore Ravens and the boys and girls clubs of metropolitan Baltimore.  Together, they will create the first Baltimore Ravens boys and Girls Club in the city. 24,000 square foot facility will include a new gymnasium and athletic fields that will be shared with adjacent green street Academy and the neighborhood. The boys and Girls Club will contain lounges for different ages of children's art and technology classrooms as well as dance music and other hangout program spaces for the children it is also envisioned that the center will support other nonprofits facilitating programs in the neighborhood for seniors’ adults and the community at large. The project has been generously supported by the Baltimore Ravens with a $20 million gift with additional fundraising ongoing clear construction and operation of the facility.

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Project Details

Project Cost $20,000,000
Square Footage 30,000


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