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Kettler / Howard Hughes

Location Columbia, Maryland

According to the Warfield Neighborhood Design Guidelines, the playground element of the West Promenade “is envisioned to be an integral part of the linear green composition and not a separate fenced-off area.  Contemporary and whimsical interactive structures, public art, pop fountains, or similar elements should complement the aesthetic of the linear green and appear as elements that populate the open space.”  As a result, the space has been designed to accommodate various “play sculptures” of different size, color, and function that are intended to be interactive, educational and dynamic between the user, the site, and the local environment.   We’ve strategically placed the locations of the sculptures throughout the West Promenade in order to create an integrated, flexible, and multi-functioning space.

We’ve engaged a local artist to help achieve the overall design intent.  Together, we plan to explore the use of art and play through the abstract of nature and the native landscape, and importance of stormwater in communities.

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