Maryland Department of Health

Greene Street Ventures LLC

Location Baltimore, MD

Design Collective has been working with the State of Maryland and various Developers for improvements to the State offices for many years. We are fortunate to still be involved in the State’s mission to provide more equitable and modern workspace for its agencies and their staff. In our work with the Department of Health, we are validating staff needs in this ever changing environment and programming eight different agencies in the department of Health totally over 3,100 state employees today and for the future. The Department of Health provides a unique challenge in space planning as different agencies work in vastly different ways. The programing included office and workspace for financial and clerical tasks, but also review of regulations of health departments across the state, tracking of potential and active health emergencies and education for local jurisdictions across the state. The ultimate project will consist of over 450,000 sf of office, collaboration space, office amenity and a state of the art conference center enabling state wide communication, distance learning and collaboration for the safe guards of our states health and wellness.

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Project Details

Square Footage 450,000



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