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Merkle, Inc.

Location Columbia, Maryland

Partners Studio B2SJ (Interior Design)

Design Collective designed the new corporate headquarters for Merkle, a leading database marketing agency. The open lobby features a 2nd story recreation bridge. A series of circular break-out spaces were created throughout the space for teaming. The space also includes a first floor cafe area, board room, gym, outdoor dining balcony, and a third floor recreation space connected to a patio area.

The new $35 million corporate headquarters for Merkle offers 120,000 SF of Class A office space to the expanding company. This new office campus, located in the Columbia Gateway business park, features office space for up to 550 employees and a 10,000 SF state-of-the-art data center. The project was completed in June 2008. The program for this project was very unique in that the company has two vastly different cultures that are interdependent on one another. One is the financial side which brokers all the deals with corporate clients. The other is the creative talent which actually produces the content. Each was accommodated in its own wing of this building with the spaces in between forming shared amenity spaces such as dining, exercise and conference rooms. This allows clients to be strategically directed upon entry while employees can relax in a less corporate and more playful interior spaces conducive to creative thinking.

Project Details

Project Cost $35,000,000
Square Footage 120,000
Height 5 Story
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