Living Seashore

National Aquarium

Location Baltimore, Maryland

Living Seashore is an interactive exhibit at the National Aquarium that gives visitors the opportunity to go explore the shore and touch the animals that live between the tides. The habitat was designed to replicate the wondrous beaches and waters of the Mid-Atlantic seashore. The exhibit spans 2,700 sf and contains 5,331 gallons of saltwater, which is home to 20 species and 150 animals. Guests are able to engage with the animals at the two large touch pools. Digital touch tables and tactile walls allow guests to further explore secrets of the shore.
The Living Seashore experience illustrates an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to interpretation that combines immersive design, interpretative graphics, computer interactives, multimedia and personally-facilitated programming. The Aquarium staff, architecture and exhibit design team worked together to organize the gallery to reflect the ways people explore and play at the beach. Imaginative use of materials, furniture, casework, media and labels reflect a seashore motif.
Design and interpretive content complement one another fostering emotional and meaningful connections to the animals and their habitat. A variety of interpretive strategies including labels, digital media, hands-on activities, captivating visual displays, interactions with program animals and Aquarium interpreters engage guests and establish personally meaningful connections.

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Project Details

Square Footage 2,700



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