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Shepherd University

Location Shepherdstown, WV

Shepherd University recently determined that they were in need of new student housing following a strategic student housing market study noting a decline in enrollment and the need for more modern residence halls in order to attract students and retain on-campus residents. The University’s existing housing stock consists of 1,300 beds in 14 buildings, with several over 40 years old and no air conditioning. In an effort to inspire student development, beautify the campus and stimulate the economy in Shepherdstown and the surrounding region, Shepherd University Foundation Supporting Organization (SUFSO) entered into a public-private partnership with EdR to oversee the financing, design and construction of a new $16.1 million residence hall on campus.

Shepherd’s new on-campus new residence hall is located on a 2-acre site on the west side of campus and consists of 294 single and double suite-style units in a five-story building. Residents have access to amenities including ground-level retail, a food service and dining area, classroom, student lounges and study rooms with Wi-Fi capabilities. 

Project Details

Project Cost $16,100,000
Beds 294
Square Footage 83,029
Height 5 Story
Acreage 2.0
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