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Towson University

Location Towson, Maryland

Partners Wilson Butler Architects

Contextual brick and stone architecture creates a new landmark for the Towson Community.

After comprehensive renovation of the existing, circa-1972 facility (166,000 GSF), and expansions involving three additions (134,000 GSF), Towson University has a new, four-story 300,850 GSF center that unites its visual and performing arts programs under one roof. Through a complex phasing plan, the design team delivered the completed building, which was continuously occupied throughout construction.

The expanded building was re-oriented toward the campus. A modern exterior design is sympathetic to the contextual brick and stone architecture and creates a new landmark for the Towson Community.

Circulation through the building was reorganized using a central atrium and key program spaces as "baubles along a spine." The plan produced a coherent pathway and provides each department representation on the central two-story student commons.

Renovations and alterations included upgrading and replacing the M/E/P infrastructure and fire protection systems, acoustical upgrades, remediation of hazardous materials, finish upgrades for interior spaces and improved energy efficiency.

Identification of temporary relocation space for programs was essential to keeping the building operational during construction. Extensive coordination and communication with the University and construction manager ensured the project schedule was maintained and program areas were delivered when anticipated.

The Center for the Arts was designed in joint venture with Wilson Butler Architects and constructed using the CM at Risk delivery method.

Project Details

Project Cost $42,000,000
Square Footage 300,850
Height 4 Floors

Awards & Recognition

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