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Wells Fargo, Inc.

Location Columbia, Maryland

Wells Fargo, a world leading financial institution, with its Corporate Trust Services Division in Maryland, engaged Design Collective, Inc. to develop a program requirements document, and to establish an appropriate image and design as the team moved forward in its site selection process.

The company's Corporate Trust division, with its 11 departments found it's home in 85,000 S.F. of the former commercial space of an inter-connected, single level, 4-building complex. The buildings had been gutted and delivered to Wells Fargo as a cold, dark shell.

Hard wall construction was limited to meeting rooms, the data center and core building functions (i.e. bathrooms and utilities).

The design solution called for Wells Fargo's corporate image to be expressed through the design and strived to promote Wells Fargo as an institution of strength and security, with a long and rich history. With images synonymous with these ideas, abstract forms and material use make reference to the historical Wells Fargo icons. The Wells Fargo "lock box" is reintroduced as the reception desk and then again as the detail for the 3,200 square foot data center. The corporate logo and "red square" presents itself in its literal form as signage, and then again abstracted in floor treatments, ceilings details, and specialty light fixtures. Throughout the entire facility, with the use of an integrated art program and other imagery, the Wells Fargo message is proudly and clearly articulated for all to experience.

The company's Corporate Trust Division, with its 11 departments, found a home in 145,000 SF space.

Project Details

Square Footage 85,000
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