Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Location Baltimore, Maryland

Real Estate consulting firm, Cushman & Wakefield (C&W), was looking to consolidate their Baltimore area offices and implement their new corporate “Activity-Based Workplace” solution. Working with outside business consultants, C&W created a new “Playbook” which outlined how their office/workplace needed to be configured, to create a dynamic, primarily open and highly-collaborative work environment.

-Understand their global objectives and begin a dialogue on how those ideas would be translated into their Baltimore Office
-Realize C&W’s vision for an “Activity-Based Workplace,” while taking advantage of stellar Baltimore Harbor Views
-Create a superior, welcoming client experience matching that of a boutique hotel
-Design a workplace that is the envy of the industry providing an engaging and compelling environment for employees
-Support various work settings to encourage collaboration, accommodate a range of team sizes and allow for privacy
-Promote employee success and productivity by providing private spaces, allowing for client-based focus work
-Position the new office as a marketing tool that also celebrates the Baltimore real estate market

C&W’s workplace culture prior to this move consisted primarily of private offices, tall paneled workstations and enclosed meeting spaces. The decision to move to a more collaborative workplace coupled with their selection of this new location, provided a unique opportunity to create a new model workplace.

Upon first entering the suite, one is immediately greeted by the “concierge” and is further drawn into the space through the use of materiality within the architecture, which frames the city view in the distance. This is “Club Cushman”, the center of hospitality and client collaboration. Within Club Cushman is the Work Café, where refreshments are easily accessible and the buzz of client and employee interaction is energizing. The work café is situated to take advantage of the city views, allowing for casual conversation and impromptu meetings. Luggage storage, a business center and caterer’s pantry are all tucked away, but are easily accessible from the Club Cushman main lounge.

The interior architecture takes advantage of the sweeping views, not only framing them upon entry to the space, but allowing access to the windows and views beyond. The “Arena” features telescoping glass doors and extensive technology as a hub for community, learning and collaboration, important client meetings, and all-hands employee gatherings. The layout of the “Employee District” had to be efficient in order to achieve the required program elements. Every element from workstations, to offices and meeting spaces to service spaces, all feed off of the major circulation path to encourage impromptu interaction. Open collaborative areas spill into the main circulation and double as a visual wayfinding tool. Huddle Rooms for small groups and Meeting Rooms for larger groups are distributed throughout the space to allow for quick convenient access to technology and a room for privacy and/or collaboration. Supplemental spaces, such as the Library and Focus Rooms, are tucked away from the primary circulation path to provide appropriate space for private, focused work or confidential conversations, while still allowing abundant access to natural light.

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Project Details

Project Cost $1,500,000
Square Footage 18,200
Height 1



Cushman & Wakefield


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