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Back to Portfolio Columbia Corporate Park, Buildings IV-V

Merritt Properties

Location Columbia, Maryland

The 80,000 SF Class “A” office buildings known as buildings IV & V continues Merritt’s ambitious corporate campus at Columbia Corporate Park (CCP). Utilizing the “kit of parts” established at CCP III (150,000 SF) with precast building panels and curtainwall glazing, these buildings are set right at the edge of the campus at the lake.

Connecting the parking side of the building to the ”lakeside”, the axis of movement is transformed from utilitarian to picturesque via a stunning lobby that extends out to a landscaped urban plaza taking visitors right to the water’s edge where a network of pedestrian paths surround the lake. The massing of CCP IV and V also integrates the mechanical penthouses into the architecture by turning the four-story elements to the ground on the sides of the building. These affordable, yet craftfully articulated buildings complement the previous phases of the Corporate Park and complete the “campus on the lake”.

Project Details

Square Footage 160,000
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