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United Way of Central Maryland

Location Baltimore, Maryland

The expiration of The United Way of Central Maryland’s lease in Baltimore’s downtown business district presented the opportunity for the organization to not only reposition geographically, but also organizationally.

While the business district offered a central location and easy access to their donors, it also separated them from the individuals and families most in need of their help. Settling on Montgomery Park, a former department store catalogue distribution center at the City’s edge, allowed them to be more accessible to the communities they serve. Organizationally, this move allowed the private offices to come down and have staff in one open, contiguous space. The addition of huddle rooms for teaming, ample conference space and a new training center allow for easy collaboration between departments and a place to host the community and potential donors to support The United Way’s workstyle and mission.


Project Details

Project Cost $1,100,000
Square Footage 26,465




Interiors, Offices

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